Paris 2004

        Here we are at the Eiffel tower. We ended up taking the elevator to the top because I wasn't sure if we bought tickets for the stairs to the second floor we'd be able to get tickets to the top there. Well naturally we could have, but I think we got enough walking in that day anyways. In the center picture Juniper looks a little pissed off because Vancouver isn't listed in the Canadian cities! C'est incroyable!

        These are from our day at Versailles, which in terms of tourist spots was probably the highlight of our trip - nevermind the hordes of French schoolchildren out on fieldtrips, yikes! You could hardly walk through the Chateau itself, but luckily the grounds were a lot more manageable. It was the fourth of five days in Paris and we realized that we still didn't have a picture of the two of us together, so we managed to enlist the aid of a fellow tourist on that one. Evidently he found my knees unappealing, so chose not to include them in the picture.

        Who says the French are supposed to be romantic? Well forget about it! We found this sign near the Latin Quarter which clearly outlaws handholding of any kind, and believe me we weren't taking any chances with that one! Trying to give the French the benefit of the doubt Juniper suggested that perhaps it simply meant you weren't allowed to help anybody cross the street, but I wasn't buying it.

        Here's a couple random pictures of us about the city. The first was taken by our guy Samir in his cafe, who is better behind that camera than in front of it (by his own admission). I had to include the second one of me on Pont Neuf, since Juniper always gets annoyed when I cut out all the pictures of myself. The third is of a shocked Juniper when she realized exactly how much my beer cost at the little cafe in the Latin Quarter. I can't say that I blame her, ouch!

        Finally here are a couple of our favourite spots in Paris. On the left is the little corner store where "On ne ferme jamais" (We never close). We stopped in there two or three times a day for cheap beer, wine, Orangina, mandarins and chocolate. On the right is Cafe Savoyard, and if you look closely you can see Samir looking like a deer caught in the headlights (see above). He opened up just for us on Saturday night, our last night in Paris, and seemed really sad to see us go. It was the same night I discovered the Croque Savoyard (why don't more sandwiches have potatoes on them?!). He makes the best Paninis in all of Paris (we tried them all), and we highly recommend you stop in and get some if you are in the area! (4 Blvd Garibaldi, near the intersection of Cambronne and Grenelle).